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  • The first and foremost nutrition in the food chain

  • The last to be discovered

  • History making customer reviews

Your source for innovative phytoplankton products

  • The first and foremost nutrition in the food chain
  • The last to be discovered
  • History making customer reviews

Your source for innovative phytoplankton products

Phytoplankton is where
plant life and nutrition start.

Phytoplankton is the result of the ultimate genesis – sunlight and seawater. When these two meet, their synthesis produces the absolute first and purest form of nutritional components. Phytoplankton are single-celled, aquatic micro organisms (plants), that float in the upper layers of the oceans. They are the foundation of the oceanic food chain and Earth’s number one oxygen producer.

How does a whale the size of a school bus live to over 100 years? Guess what food they eat?  A lot of people look to ocean based products for their nutritional needs such as Krill Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Omega Oil, etc. Guess where their nutritional properties originate? Phytoplankton has taken out the nutritional middle man for good. Now you can go direct to the source in an environmentally sustainable way.

Phytoplankton are smaller than a red blood cell. This has many believing that when you take Phytoplankton you get a direct cell-to-cell source of energy and nutrition.

Karen® is made with 100% pure phytoplankton. It is a one ingredient product, all nutrients beneficial to your health are naturally occurring in Karen® Phytoplankton. Inside this microscopic plant are vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and pretty much everything else under the sun. This is why Phytoplankton is the top of the food chain and all ocean life is supported by it’s nutritional power. The irony is it’s been the last to be discovered in the nutrition world… until now.

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Years of research
and development.

Fitoplancton Marino Facility in Cadiz, Spain

It might seem like Karen® Phytoplankton came out of nowhere. The truth is, there are years of research behind us — and years of research still ahead of us. The potential of this microscopic plant is humungous, and it feels like we are just on the tip of the iceberg.

The Gaditae™ strain for human consumption was discovered by David Hunter in 2006 and was chosen because of its impressive nutritional profile of over 75 naturally occurring essential nutrients.

Master Phytoplankton cultivator Carlos Unamunzaga from Cadiz, Spain is the person responsible for sustainably growing this amazing plant. The two partners have been working on what has become “The Karen Project” for over 12 years.

Gaditae™ is grown with trade secrets under the highest levels of food safety standards in a state of the art facility. It’s these details that make Karen® “The Customer Review Champion”.

Sustainability Guarantee.

When growing Karen® there is no harvesting from the ocean. Karen® (Gaditae™) is grown via a pure heirloom seed and the unicellular organism multiplies itself. Gaditae™ is grown on land in filtered ocean water and in an enclosed tube. It’s undeniably the future of nutrition and we are proud to report our only by-product is pure oxygen and good health!

Fast. Easy. Convenient.

Starting your day off with the foundation of all nutrition is now easy and convenient. Take 125,000,000,000 Phytoplankton plants (one tablet) before heading off to work, getting ready for a day of classes, a big sports game, or raising a family, and see how you much better you will feel.

It might not be too long after your start that you figure out why Karen® is the “Customer Review Champion” and getting so many people and professionals excited.