Refund, Return & Shipping Policies

Money Back Guarantee*:

Online Purchases ONLY



*If your product qualifies for the guarantee and you are a first-time purchaser

please contact Customer Service at or call 1-844-807-0245

*Product must be returned within 45 days after purchasing and MUST include the sales receipt as your “proof of purchase” – NO EXCEPTIONS.

Shipping Charges will not be refunded.

*Please include a brief note explaining why you are returning it with your order number, full name, and mailing address. Online customers will have their refund processed via the method of payment used at the time of purchase.


Blugenics Innovations Inc.
23C York Street
Sackville NB, E4L 4R3

*All return shipping costs, as well as duties and taxes for international orders and returns, are the responsibility of the customer.

*Our money-back guarantee is limited to FIRST PURCHASES ONLY

Product Returns

Products returned will be subject to a 10% restocking fee, based on the product returned, or minimum charge of $10. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

PROOF OF PURCHASE IS REQUIRED FOR ALL REFUNDS AND RETURNS. Refund requests where no proof of purchase is provided will not be accepted and/or processed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Retail – In Store Purchases (Canada)

If purchased from a retail location your return is subject to the individual retailer’s return policy. We do not accept returns from individuals who have purchased from a retail location.


  • CREDIT CARDS ARE THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE METHOD OF PAYMENT FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS (PayPal and Apple Pay are not available for Subscription Payments)
  • Subscription Orders are non-refundable.

How to Cancel a Subscriptions:
You may cancel your subscription at any time by simply logging in to your account and hitting cancel. An email will be sent to you confirming that your subscription has been cancelled. -OR- You can call one of our Karen Cares Representatives to cancel your subscription over the phone. Once you have cancelled your subscription, if you decide to resume, you will be subject to the current subscription pricing. Cancellations must be completed 48 Hours before the next payment is due. Cancellation is effective immediately upon completing the process.

Subscription Payments:
Payments will be processed on the credit card provided at the time of signing up for your subscription. This payment will be scheduled the same day as the parent order. Payments must be processed and settled successfully before any product is shipped. If you would like to change or update your credit card on file you will need to log in to your subscription account and update this information. Our customer care reps are NOT able to update this information.

Unsuccessful Payments:
If your subscription payment is unsuccessful your order will show as Pending and your account status be On Hold. The re-attempted payment schedule will be as follows:

  • 12 hours after 1st attempt
  • 12 hours after 2nd attempt – An email will be sent to the customer notifying them of the failed payment and scheduled retry attempt.
  • 24 hours after 3rd attempt
  • 48 hours after 4th attempt – An email will be sent to you, the customer, and your customer care rep will also attempt to contact you to arrange another method of payment.
  • 72 hours later – A final attempt will be made, an email sent to the customer and the subscription will be put ON HOLD.
  • Your account will stay on hold for 30 Days. If no payment has been made successfully your subscription will be cancelled and you will be subject to the current subscription pricing.

Undelivered or Lost Parcels

Lost or undelivered parcels must be reported NO more than 45 days after ordering. Any reports greater than 45 days will not be investigated and are considered delivered.

Blugenics Innovations is not responsible for parcels which have been lost or stolen once shipped from our warehouse, and in the property of Canada Post.

However, in the rare occasion when this happens, we will work with the customer affected through Canada Post to start a service ticket investigation into the whereabouts of the package. As part of this investigative process, Canada Post will typically contact the customer by email* or phone to ask questions about the missing parcel (email* is the preferred method for contact). Generally, this process can take up to 14 business days to complete. If the volume of parcels being handled by Canada Post is high or if the procedure has a setback for some reason, the process may take longer than the suggested time frame of 14 business days. Please note that the Canada Post investigation is not something over which Blugenics has any control.

*Please be sure to check your email junk folder, sometimes Canada Post emails are marked as junk.

In cases where the service ticket is completed, and Canada Post has confirmed that the parcel sent by us is lost/no longer trackable, a replacement order will be released. We are unable to guarantee this outcome and will not release a replacement if the findings of the investigation determine that the parcel was delivered. We understand these things can happen and do our best to help our customers in these situations, as we genuinely want all customers to receive the Karen® product(s) that they order.

Please note, replacement parcels will not be issued until the service ticket investigation is completed by Canada Post – no exceptions.

Once we receive word from Canada Post that the service ticket is complete, we will notify the customer of the outcome and proceed from there based on the result.

Shipping Policy

Blugenics Innovations Inc. is not responsible for packages delivered incorrectly or lost due to incorrect or incomplete shipping information provided by a customer. A replacement shipment will NOT be sent out until the original has been returned and received.

If a package is returned to Blugenics Innovations Inc. due to an incorrect or incomplete shipping address provided by the customer Blugenics will:

  • Contact the customer to see if they would like their package reshipped.  A fee of up to $25 will need to be paid to cover the return shipping and redelivery costs.
  • If the customer decides not to pay this fee, then Blugenics Innovations Inc. will refund their order. Products returned will be subject to a 10% restocking fee, based on the product purchased, or minimum charge of $10. Shipping charges will not be refunded.
  • If NO contact has been received from the customer after 10 Business Days, from first contact, the order will be refunded, and the restocking fee applied.

If an online order has been entered with incorrect address information, please contact us as soon as possible to make the necessary corrections.

In some circumstances, we can correct this prior to the parcel being sent out.

CONTACT: Customer Care at or call 1-844-807-0245

International Shipping

For orders originating outside of the United States or Canada, please contact for shipping options and/or availability.