One step ahead:

focusing on the future.

One step ahead:
focusing on the future.

When you think Phytoplankton…think Karen®.

Blugenics is pushing forward to validate Karen®’s potential. These are multiple research projects currently going on:

  • Testing the product against oxygen free radicals and oxidative stress
  • Encouragement of collagen production (the elastic membranes between the skin cells) by Phytoplankton
  • Clinical trial with the psoriasis foundation in Spain
  • Working with the Spanish national soccer team on the reduction of lactic acid build up

Always keep in mind, there are trade secrets and technologies at play to get these results.

Detailed Analysis of Karen Phytoplankton (Gaditae)

Comprehensive In-Vitro test results on Oxidative Stress

Detailed Analysis of Karen Phytoplankton (Gaditae)

Blugenics Innovations prepares clinical trial on Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Comprehensive In-Vitro test results on Oxidative Stress

One step ahead:

Karen® Dermo Cosmetic with micro algae extract.

Nanochloropsis Gaditana
Isochrysis Galbana
Phaedactylum Tricornutum
Tetraselmis Chuii
Dunaiella Salina

Antioxidant capacity
Anti-inflammatory capacity
Regeneration and cell
Collagen promoter
Regulator of apoptosis

Karen Phytoplankton Moisturizing Lotion

It was an exciting day when the scientific team in Spain created a unique formula with the natural extract of marine phytoplankton, designed for the most sensitive and intolerant skins. A revolutionary discovery in the hydration of skin was made.

This time 5 phytoplankton strains or varieties were selected to give us one extract. It is a broad spectrum bioactive compound. Combined, this gives us 7 benefits in one natural extract.

The micro algae extract used in Karen® for skin is carefully produced and selected according to scientific criteria and clinical studies, demonstrating their real efficacy in patients with various skin diseases. The natural phytoplankton extract helps restore the skin by reinforcing its natural barrier and increasing its elasticity.

Karen® for skin Moisturizing Lotion segnificantly reduces the severity and number of outbreaks in psoriatic skin, prone to flaking, seborrheic and atopic dermatitis, rosacea and other processes of flaking. It helps improving xerosis or very dry, rough, and wrinkled skin. It hydrates and moisturizes skin with atopic tendency.

Detailed Analysis of Karen Phytoplankton(Gaditae)
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