As a highly nutritious micronutrient-rich substance, consuming phytoplankton is an excellent way to provide an immediate influx of nourishment in an easily absorbed tablet or raw powder.

Because of phytoplankton’s particular ability to rapidly reproduce and accumulate high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins and nutrients required for optimal human health, it has been described as the “future of medicine” by many health experts, offering a preventative approach to poor nutrition which is known to lead to various forms of sickness and disease ultimately.

Although very tiny (smaller than a red blood cell), phytoplankton contains many helpful life-promoting ingredients. For example, consumption of marine phytoplankton benefits the immune system, improves cellular function, and helps detoxify the extracellular matrix throughout the body.

Phytoplankton is a plant and is unique as a whole-food supplement because each phytoplankton is only one cell and can permeate cell membranes very easily. This means that instead of becoming stuck in the digestive tract and not being correctly absorbed or being broken down and purged through the liver cleansing system, marine phytoplankton benefits can be delivered directly to cells without interrupting the body’s normal functions.

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