Promote and maintain good health by adding Karen® Phytoplankton to your smoothie!

Give your body a boost of extra nutrients.

Try one of our smoothie recipes today!
Nutritionist approved and formulated.

A little
goes a long
way to start
your day!

Karen for Good Health® - Measuring Spoon Old and New
FAQ- 1 White Scoop or 1/2 transulent scopp equals 1 serving - 250mg

Karen® Approved Recipes

Phytostein Halloween Smoothie

Fall Karen® Phytoplankton Cinnamon Smoothie

Berry Beet Smoothie

By: Sarah Rehill

Pineapple Parsley Smoothie

By: Christiane Panesar

Strawberry Chocolate Dreamsicle

By: Charly Kelly

Tropical Karen® Phytoplankton Smoothie

By: Charly Kelly

Chocolate Dipped Macaroons

By: Sarah Rehill

Superfood Dark Chocolate Bark

By: Sarah Rehil

Coconut Mint Green Power Smoothie

By: Caitlin Iles