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Pre and Probiotic blend to support your animals immune and digestive health.

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The gut is the foundation of health, therefore there are a myriad of health issues that result from it being damaged – and there are many things in your animal’s daily environment that can cause gut damage.

Things like poor diet, stress, environmental toxins, and drugs can all impact your animal’s gut in a negative way and create symptoms of poor health.

If your animal has chronic episodes of:

* Vomiting
* Diarrhea
* Loss of appetite
* Allergies
* Ear infections
* Skin issues
* Acid reflux
* Weakened immune system
* Bad breath or poor dental health

These are more often than not signs of poor gut health. Keeping good bacteria balance in the gut helps crowd out bad bacteria that can cause these issues. Feeding pre and probiotics can help introduce good bacteria to the body, allowing your animal’s gut and health to thrive.

“Friendly” bacteria acts as the gut’s defense system against “bad” or dangerous disease-causing bacteria. A gut that has a bountiful amount of these healthy, friendly, live bacteria will help promote health and longevity.

Factors that can contribute to loose or inconsistent stool:

* When changing diets
(for example a new kibble or raw food introduction, when eating something new for
example table scraps, something outside, getting into the garbage, too many treats),

* Experiencing stress or anxiety
(for example a new home, new baby or pet, fireworks, stress in the family dynamic, infrequent access to potty breaks, car rides, visits to the vet)

* An unbalanced gut
(for example, an animal who was recently or currently on antibiotics or drugs.)

All of these factors cause a shift in the friendly bacteria.

What does this product do for diarrhea?

Probiotic products have special bacteria microorganisms that assist the body in rebalancing friendly beneficial bacteria.

How will this product help a dog with diarrhea?

By rebalancing and strengthening the beneficial bacteria in the gut biome, there should be a natural removal/lessening of the offending bacteria causing the distress.

How long will this product take to help my dog with diarrhea?

Probiotics have been tested and proven to lessen the duration of diarrhea episodes

Every animal is unique. If your dog is experiencing acute diarrhea and is in distress, a visit to your veterinarian could be warranted. If your dog is experiencing chronic loose stools, using this product daily may help lessen those episodes within a 1-4 weeks depending on how long they have had this condition.

How does it help with allergies, will it help with skin issues if so how?

Allergies and skin conditions are all symptoms of a deeper disease. Science is showing that looking at the health of the gut biome can have a huge impact on allergies, skin disease, yeast overgrowth, inflammatory bowel disease, and food-related intolerance “food allergies”.

Will it help with tear staining?

Many animals with tear staining, again, is a symptom of an underlying issue. By supporting gut health many times will alleviate tear staining.

What if my dog is dragging his rear end on the carpet will it help with that?

Probiotics can assist by creating a better balanced gut microbiota which in turn will aid in better digestion, allowing the body to create firmer waste which is needed to release the anal glands, one of the most well-known issues for butt scooting.

Why does my pet need a pre and probiotic?

The latest research in human and animal medicine points to the gut being responsible or more than 80% of the immune system! The main component of a healthy gut is the friendly bacteria that live there (probiotics). This bacteria combats bad bacteria. They are the gatekeepers that stop intruders and keep the mucosal lining healthy so the body receives its vital nutrition.

These “good soldiers” need to be able to have the proper fertilization in order to set up a colony and continue to produce and repopulate. Essentially, you need to feed the probiotics. Prebiotics are the “food” needed for probiotics to survive!

Probiotics are not nearly as successful at reproducing and flourishing without the help of a prebiotic.

Will giving a pre and probiotic cause intestinal discomfort?

No! In fact, it is quite the opposite – pre and probiotics for dogs should support the natural digestion process and help to derail bad bacteria that’s often the leading cause of intestinal upset.

Animals with a very poor digestive system may rarely experience minor GI upset which generally passes in a few days.

Does this formula need to be refrigerated after opening?

This product is freeze-dried, so while refrigeration is not necessary, we believe it will help to maintain optimal freshness once the container is opened.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is intended to provide information only. Each animal health situation is unique. This information is not intended for use in diagnosis or treatment of specific health problems or diseases, and should never be considered as a substitute for veterinary advice.