A Phytoplankton Named Karen® Changes Nutritional Scene

Over the decades, vitamins and minerals sold in supplements ride the wave of what’s trending.

Vitamin C, CoQ10, Omega 3, Selenium, and the latest Vitamin D followed by Vitamin D3.

When you buy a supplement what are you really buying?   Are you buying hope?  A sense of security?  Do you really know for sure what you need?  Where do these ingredients come from?

The reality is that most of the “trending” ingredients are sourced from China, and there are various levels of quality.  Even if you buy a $4 Vitamin C or a $20 one, are you really getting what you need?  Another thing to look for is sugar or sugar derivates in vitamins.  Who would put sugar into a multivitamin anyway?  Apparently, a lot of companies.

For example.  Where does the original Vitamin C come from?  Oranges?
Here’s a truth bomb.  The purest source of Vitamin C is green.  It’s in Phytoplankton.  The base nutrient of all life.

Likewise, where does Omega 3 come from?
The original source of Omega 3 is not squishing Krill into a blender.  It comes from phytoplankton, which is the primary food of the Krill.  Omega-3 fatty acids naturally come from a sustainable plant called phytoplankton that can now be grown on land.

Emerging well before the Meme…. Karen® Phytoplankton was named after an inspiring Nurse and quietly made its appearance in Atlantic Canada with a handful of pharmacies, then it was in hundreds of pharmacies then a short time later it was in thousands of pharmacies and health food stores.  Now it has hit the big leagues and has gotten the attention it deserves and can now be found in Costco.   Growth has always been driven by Customer satisfaction and repeat customers.

Now Karen® Phytoplankton is entering the Costco’s in Edmonton, Calgary, parts of Vancouver, slowly rolling out because the demand keeps increasing and it’s been hard to keep the product in stock because there are constantly waves of demand once people try it and tell their friends.

Why are people feeling so much better on Karen® Phytoplankton?  It’s simple.  Phytoplankton is the base nutrient.  It’s all natural.  It’s the pure source of all vitamins and minerals.  It’s the closest thing to a “pure nutrition injection”.  If there was a pure nutrition injection it would have to be filled with Phytoplankton.   The typical North American diet is filled with nutritional gaps, so the majority of people are malnourished.   Once the body receives what it is missing, it will take a noticeable step up.   The most notable comments are more energy and mental clarity, improved sleep, better digestion, skin issues going away and also inflammation.

Most of the stories say the same thing.  People talk about a “positive gentle feeling” but they can’t put a finger on it.   See the reviews for yourself on the Karen Phytoplankton Facebook Page, Google Reviews, and YouTube.  By reading this article you are now aware of its existence and you can now nourish your body with nutrients it might be starving for.

So next time you think about buying a supplement, think about Phytoplankton.  It has a little bit of everything in its pure and original form and it’s priced affordably by being able to start for a month for as little as $23.99.